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I ordered an explorer 11, I contacted you to inform you this replica watches uk did not work properly, as a jesture you gave me a discount code for 15% off my next replica watches order. I just ordered this replica watches uk and there was no area to enter the discount code. Therefore I have been charged the full amount, can you please arrange to give me back the 15% on this replica watches uk order. It came but the third hand that you set for another time zone did not work, I reported this and was told as I was going to order a second replica watches uk you would give me the discount. I was given a link to order my second replica watches uk. When I opened the link it said nothing. The page was blank so I went back into your website and opened another account thinking there would be an area to enter the coupon code I was given. However there was not, so I have ordered a submariner black dial with date mens, my order number is 2883, you were going to charge me £57. However I have been charged £73, What can be done about this. Would it be possible for you to let me have a box of replica watches with papers etc for the submariner I have ordered instead of the discount, as it seems that it will be harder to arrange giving me the 15% discount as promised. I have shown my explorer 11 to a few people and they have asked me for your replica watches website which I have passed on.

I received my second replica watches uk six days ago. However I have not received the box and papers. You said you were happy to send me in replacement for the 15% for the other replica watches uk where one of the hands does not work. Why four weeks, where is the money coming from? This is a really poor customer experience, given that your website stated both replica watches were in stock. I would like my refund by next week or I will be looking to report this to trading standards. No the one I agreed to be shipped is number 51420, £72.41 with the words on the strap. The one I received is number 43675 £59.00 with holes in the strap. Check your replica watches site. Please. Plus it gains 8 seconds a day so it is no good to me. You have messed me around for five weeks. I want what I ordered and one replica watches uk that works properly. I wanted a white strap replica watch uk for the summer if you can send me any photos of any white you have please but need to be quick please. It has been long enough. Now just refund me back please. Had enough of emailing. If I dont get a reply and my refund, I will seek legal advice. Had enough of this poor service. Why do you advertise replica watches you dont have? I have sent payment via my brothers account, it will be under the name of Lakeyspray. His address is where I would like the replica watches to go please. Could not remember the exact amount when I posted it, so I have put £73.00.

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